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Currant Creek Angus, located 4 miles west of Roundup, Montana, is owned and operated by the Gary & Phyllis Eliasson family.
We operate both a Spring and Fall calving herd.  We developed a Fall calving herd to offer our customers an 18-month old bull for heavier service.  We sell approximately 450 bulls annually through an April sale in Miles City, a December sale in Roundup, and the remainder private treaty.
At Currant Creek Angus, we're committed to the basics of profitable and sustainable beef industry progress.  With progressive genetics and sensible, practible management, we are confident you'll see noticeable differences that down-to-earth, real world cattle men will appreciate.

Click here for information on the April sale at Miles City Livestock
To view a larger version of the the current sale flyer, click here.

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